Creditworthiness and Affordability

Being creditworthy means that you can afford to pay back money that you borrow.

Your Rights as a Consumer – Part 2

Building on our Part 1 exploration of your rights as a consumer, the following information is important for you to know in all your dealings with credit providers.

Your Rights as a Consumer – Part 1

It is important to know your rights as a consumer.

Costs of Credit

Understanding how much credit costs you is an important step in being financially responsible.

Do you know what the cost of credit is?

Save money by saving resources

Water is critical to life on Earth, and with South Africa’s fast-growing population the demand for sufficient clean water is increasing every day.

Save money by saving resources

Do You Know Your Credit Rights?

Human rights are the universal rights to which all humans are entitled. In South Africa, we celebrate our freedom to these rights.