Jul 2014

Watch the My Credit Check video

This short video will tell you everything you need to know about your credit report.

Monitor your credit report

You might not realise that your identity was stolen until you apply for credit to find out your credit report is not looking good.

Understanding your wants vs needs

Wants vs needs When it comes to money, the most of ...

Know your credit rights

Not a fan of reading The National Credit Act? We simplify the most important laws that protect you as a consumer.

How to check your credit report

Here are some tips on how to make sense of your credit data and what to expect when getting your report for the first time.

Ten lies about your credit report

Want to improve your credit reputation? Be sure to tell the myths from facts when it comes to your credit report.

The first time …

We asked one of our My Credit Check users to tell us about getting their first credit report.