Dealing with debt over the Festive Season

Lauren Wepener, Consumer Care Manager at Compuscan shares her tips for dealing with debt over the Festive Season:

Debt over christmas

Kids, holidays and your budget. How to make it work.

The end of the year is getting nearer and schools close in little over a month. Your kids are ecstatic about not having to go to school for 2 months and have already started planning their holiday fun. Little do they know that your budget worries might send their excitement flying out the door.

Kids, holidays and your budget. How to make it work.

The Festive Season is coming

With just over 2 months to go before the shopping malls are filled with carols and people are rushing around at the last minute to buy the perfect gift, we look at how you can enjoy the festive season without breaking the bank.

Festive season planning

What you need to know about the National Credit Act (NCA)

The National Credit Act 34 of 2005 (NCA) is the most important piece of legislation that governs credit in South Africa. We look at the aim, purpose and features of the NCA.

National Credit Act (NCA)

Struggling to make payments? Take these steps.

When you sign a credit agreement and accept credit from a credit provider it is your responsibility to manage your loan effectively and honour your agreement. What if you could not make monthly payments as agreed? We look at your options.

struggling payments

Ways to save money

Everyone dreams of having financial freedom and being able to tick off those bucket list items (buy that sports car, go on an overseas trip). Living your dream is not unachievable and by developing good saving habits, you can soon be on your way to financial freedom or even skiing in the Alps. These tips will help you find ways to save money.

save money

The Financial Planning Process

Previously, we’ve looked at financial planning, why you should take it seriously and what benefits it has. It’s now time to look at what the financial planning process is all about.

financial planning

Your credit agreement breakdown

When you enter into a credit agreement, it is important to know that your responsibilities go beyond just paying back the loan amount. We take a closer look at the responsibilities you take on when signing the credit agreement.

Your credit agreement breakdown

New credit agreement? What you need to know

When you enter into a new credit agreement you should know what you are letting yourself in for. We give some insight to the pre-agreement and quote that you sign when applying for a new loan.

Pre-agreement statement

Your credit application checklist

Are you considering borrowing? Here is how you can be certain you are making the right decision.

credit checklist