Jun 2018

Declaring Bankruptcy: What does it mean?

Most of us have heard the term ‘bankruptcy’, but not many of us know what declaring bankruptcy means and what the process entails. In short, people who declare bankruptcy are those individuals or entities that have more debt that they can realistically repay.

Declaring Bankruptcy: What does it mean? | Compuscan

Defaulting on payments

Defaulting on your payments means that you stop making your payments. This can have different effects depending on which accounts you default on. For example, the results of defaulting on your home loan is different than defaulting on your credit card accounts. Read more here...

Defaulting on payments by Compuscan

How credit cards should be used

Credit cards can be very useful, but if they are used incorrectly, they can cause you severe financial strain. Consumers often struggle with controlling their credit card debt. Compuscan would like to offer you five things you should and shouldn’t do for safely using your credit card.

How credit cards should be used by Compuscan