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About Us

The My Credit Check blog is a financial education resource for consumers in South Africa with a focus on credit checks, credit reports and credit scores.

My Credit Check is an easy-to-use online portal that provides all South African citizens with valid South African ID numbers to access their credit information via their personal extensive credit report.

Experian South Africa (Pty) Ltd is a registered credit bureau with the National Credit Regulator (NCR) in terms of the National Credit Act (NCA), NCR No: NCRCB16.

Experian holds consumer information; this information is used by financial services providers when performing a credit assessment and in some instances a score enquiry on you. We receive consumer data from financial services providers when you make an application or update your details with the service provider. We also receive payment information that reflects your payment behaviour, such as if you’ve made payments on time, have skipped payments or closed an account.


You can access your personal credit reports through My Credit Check.