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Grocery Shopping Savings

Posted: 30 Jan 2017

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We take a look at how you can avoid those end-of-the-month-dry-cracker moments to put up a healthy balanced meal without breaking the bank each month.

Get your planning on

Check your cupboards first Before you make your shopping list, check that you don’t already have the item in your cupboards. You don’t want to purchase unnecessary items that will expire before you use it. Keep your cupboards organised for an easy stocktake. Make a list and stick to it Walking up and down isles to remind yourself what you had to purchase will only lead to you adding unnecessary items to your trolley. Even worse: It will have your till slip double in length. Prepare meals to have leftovers for lunch Those I-will-get-something-from-the-shops lunches quickly add together and will not help your monthly food budget. Rather make dinners that you can also pack in for lunch the next day.

Do it yourself

Shop alone It is easy for co-shoppers to add items to the cart if they know they will not be paying for it. Saying no also becomes more difficult. So take your list, head to the shops, and save yourself money. Do your own slicing and dicing Nowadays, we are very pressed for time and will rather pay a bit more for the sake of convenience. This however does rev up the grocery bill. Dedicate one day per week to plan your weekly means and do your own dicing of items. This will save you some time when preparing dinner and also keep your expenses within budget.

Know where to go

Familiarise yourself with the shop layout By knowing where the items you need are located in the store, you will not only save time, but also money as you will stay focussed on what you need and not what you would like to buy.

Get your timing right

Shop once a week Stopping at the shop every day or several times a week tends to lead to excessive spending. Buy what you need at the start of the week and stick to your plan. Shop on a full stomach We tend to buy items that we don’t need just because we are hungry. Go to the shops on a full stomach to ensure that you don’t purchase unnecessary snacks that you did not budget for.

Go bargain-hunting

Compare prices and shop around for discount or special offers Remember that junk mail that you automatically just dump in the bin? Don’t. Open. And read since it may save you some bucks. You can also subscribe to weekly newsletters that share information on the latest specials. You might be surprised where you find that bargain. Do not automatically overlook no-name brands We mostly buy specific brands to make a statement, because we have learnt this from our parents or were told that it is a trusted brand. Don’t take it for granted – try different brands to find out for yourself. Many of the no-name brands contain products that come from the same suppliers but they only use a different label. Go on - Keep calm and shop on!