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Increase your income in 2015

Posted: 20 Jan 2015

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Expand your wealth by following a few simple steps.

Boosting your income

Perseverance should be your motto for 2015. With the New Year still fresh and positive resolutions on our minds, we should be thinking beyond just the year ahead. Where do you want to be in 5 years? What about 10 years from now? Plan for the future and find ways to help yourself avoid financial pitfalls.

Ways to expand your wealth

Basically, if you cut expenses using the tips we’ve given you in our last post, you are also increasing the amount of money you have for yourself. But there are other ways of increasing your income. Don’t be afraid to ask. One way to increase your income is to go to your current boss and ask for a raise. You should be paid what you are worth. You never know what might happen and may be surprised! A little really can go a long way. Collect spare change and keep it in a bottle or jar. A recent article on News24 tells the story of Bandile Zulu from Barberton who helped impoverished children buy school clothes and groceries using only 5c coins that she picked up on the side of the street. If she can do it, so can you! Be wise and creative. Sell anything you don't need and have a garage sale or take your items to a flea market. Think about any special talents or skills you have – it may help you to earn more money. For example, if you are a good baker, you could bake biscuits or rusks to sell in your neighbourhood or at work. Otherwise, get a part-time job or work overtime. Get paid every time you spend. Make sure that you are part of a rewards programme at your bank that will pay you to spend money.

What the future holds

Your goals for the year ahead should get you to a point where you could say the following:
  • I used to worry about money, but not anymore
  • I have things under control now
  • I learnt how to cut back and earn more
  • Yes, I make mistakes and spend more than I should but I find ways to pay it back
  • I keep a good relationship with my creditors
  • My life is easier and happier now
Why don’t you stick these words in your cupboard or on your mirror to remind yourself of what you can achieve every day?