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Kids, holidays and your budget. How to make it work.

Posted: 19 Oct 2016

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The end of the year is getting nearer and schools close in little over a month. Your kids are ecstatic about not having to go to school for 2 months and have already started planning their holiday fun. Little do they know that your budget worries might send their excitement flying out the door.

We have some tips on how to keep your kids busy without breaking the bank.

Activities that won’t break the bank

  • Go outside, get some Vitamin D and explore the many playgrounds and parks in your area
  • Pack some homemade sandwiches, water and head to one of our amazing beaches
  • Get creative (and get the kids away from the TV) by playing games in your own backyard
  • Pack a picnic basket, explore and enjoy your own garden
  • Get the creative juices flowing and challenge your kids to write their own story to share it during story time
  • Get some exercise and go on a hike. Explore and teach your kids about unique plant and animal life
  • Your kids leaving their toys all over? Hide them away and make them go on a scavenger hunt
  • Bring out the inner chef in your kids and have them cook dinner (under supervision, of course)
  • Make your own play dough and let your kids get creative with their hands
  • There are various places that offer holiday discounts for kids. Go online and check them out
  • Get your kids into gardening. Plant some flowers together or even remove some weeds
  • Have them make gift wrapping paper for the festive season gifts
Talk to your kids at the start of the holidays and let them make a list of top 10 things that they would like to do that is slightly more expensive. Then decide together what you can and cannot do. Happy summer holidays. Some more advice Prepping for the Festive Season Ways to save money