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The art of creating a password

Posted: 17 Mar 2016

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The world of password creation is easier than you might think and by following the simple points laid out below you will be able to create the ultimate passwords.

Tips on password creation

Following our article on Identity theft and you, we look a bit closer at how you can create the perfect password. Shorter is not sweeter in this case Use at least 8 characters when you create your password. It is even better if you can do 12 or 25 characters. This makes the predictability much less and minimises the risk of someone figuring it out. Combos are always best We are so quick to only use words, and not create combinations. Go on and combine those words and letters. For example, do not say “Believe”, but say “B3L!3v3". Be unique Yes “password” is easy to remember, but it is also really easy to figure out. This is one of the first passwords tried buy hackers trying to get access to accounts. Use this simple trick to create a great password: Choose one of your favourite songs and create your password from that. Song: Africa Unite Password from song name: Afr1c@Un!t3 Don’t get personal Do not use any personal information in your passwords such as your name, surname, birth date or any relative’s details, such as a name surname and birth date. Also avoid using the name of the company where you work. Change is good We highly recommend that you change your password once a month. When you do this, try be creative and avoid keeping it similar to the old one. Mix it up Do not use the same password for every account that you hold. If you have general accounts that hold no sensitive details feel free to repeat a password, but when it comes to financial accounts, credit profiles and personal details, it is very important to vary your passwords.