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The student life

Posted: 22 Jan 2016

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Don't let your budget get the best of you.

Student finances

So you are heading off to varsity this year and you are super excited about being an adult and getting along on your own without your parents hovering around 24/7? This might be very exciting, but with this step comes great responsibility including budgeting for your monthly expenses. Not everyone loves ramen noodles or dry provitas the last week of the month, therefore we give you some advice on how to make your budget work for you.

Follow these simple tips for a stress free student life:

  • Try and avoid impulse purchases, especially when joining up with friends at the mall. Yes that shirt will work with all your outfits, but your bank account might not agree.
  • Avoid grocery shopping when you are hungry as this can lead to many unnecessary items.
  • We know a late night out often lead to a trip to Mc Donald’s, but try and limit yourself on the number of times you eat out every month.
  • Walk, use public transportation or ride a bike instead of using a car. This will also save you the frustration of finding a parking spot.
  • Your student card not only helps you get into the library, but various stores offer great student discounts on presentation of your card.
  • Drink water. It’s free and much healthier than fizzy drinks and coffee anyway.
  • Try and find trustworthy roommates with whom you can split rent and utilities.
  • Suffer from OCD (obsessive coffee disorder)? Try to avoid coffee shops and rather make your own. Even though they are convenient, your daily cups will soon add up.