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What is My Identity Check?

Posted: 23 Mar 2021

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My Identity Check detects compromised information sooner, no matter where it occurs.

Experian has launched My Identity Check - an online information monitoring platform. It’s hard to remember your sign-in information for all of the online accounts we have. A common practice for many is to use the same username and password combination across multiple sites for fear that they forget their passwords. You may not realise that in doing this, you open yourself up to an increased risk of online fraud. That’s because fraudsters will often steal personal data from one site and try to use them on other sites on which you may be active. Often they will also try to sell your information, for instance on the dark web.

Online Detection

This is why we’ve developed My Identity Check – Experian’s internet surveillance technology. The technology proactively detects stolen personal information and compromised confidential data online. Our platform continually monitors thousands of websites and millions of data points and alerts you if we find your personal information in a compromised position online. Our notifications grant consumers the opportunity to react quickly and as a result, they can take the necessary steps to help protect themselves.

What all does it monitor?

My Identity Check searches the dark web for personal information, including: • National Identity Numbers • Email addresses • Telephone numbers • Medical ID numbers • Bank account and routing numbers • Credit/debit card numbers • Driver’s licence number • Passport number • Retail credit card numbers You have total control over the information you input to My Identity Check , therefore you decide what you want the platform to monitor.

How Secure is My Identity Check?

Experian operates all production applications within secure managed hosting environments and fully encrypts critical values in transit, and at rest, in compliance with the Payment Card Industry - Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS). Most important, encryption prevents the exposure of sensitive information to a hacker or unauthorised person(s). All sensitive data on the product platform, such as the monitored elements, are masked to prevent exposure.

To monitor your information on the dark web, sign up to My Identity Check

Sign up to My Identity Check.